Robie House



  • Comprehensive Review: MEP Systems
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis Study: HVAC Systems
  • Design and Construction Documents:
    • Four-Pipe Chilled/Hot Water Based HVAC System
    • Electrical System Upgrade
    • Minor Plumbing Upgrades

Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is renowned as the greatest example of the Prairie School style.  The home was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963, the first to be based on architectural merit alone.  Today it is owned by the University of Chicago and operated by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust as a house museum.

The overriding goal of the building systems review was to recommend a system that would manage the interior environment through simultaneous manipulation of temperature and humidity.  It was determined that a four-pipe chilled water/hot water system with distributed air handlers would be the most cost effective.

Design and construction documents were created to implement the final recommended systems.  This work was part of an exterior restoration and interior infra-structure improvement project.  With limited space for mechanical equipment, pipes and ductwork, creative solutions were employed.  Since some of the home’s flooring and ceiling already needed to be removed and replaced, inaccessible areas were opened up, allowing for a below-grade infrastructure and mechanical system installation overhead.

Currently an interior restoration plan is being developed and ACE will design modifications to the existing MEPF systems to support the final design solution for this interior restoration effort.


  • Exterior Restoration and Infra-Structure Renovation Completed and Systems Operational Including:
    • New zoned Four-pipe chilled water/hot water system
    • Electrical system upgrade
    • Plumbing system upgrades
    • Full double-interlock pre-action fire sprinkler system
    • Fire alarm system
  • Interior Restoration Plans are Currently in Development