Glessner House



  • Comprehensive Review: Building MEP Systems
  • Feasibility Study: Ground Source Heat Pump HVAC System
  • Design and Construction Documents:
    • Ground-Source Heat Pump HVAC System
    • Plumbing and Electrical Renovation to Support HVAC System Design

The Glessner House was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976. H. H. Richardson’s design is both medieval and modern, and was considered a new expression of the urban townhouse mansion. The Glessners deeded the house to the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects “solely for the purposes of architecture and the allied arts and sciences…” Today The Glessner House Museum offers tours, programs and special events.

ACE was the mechanical engineering consultant to the Glessner House Museum for a Building Systems Condition Assessment.  ACE conducted a comprehensive review and developed strategies for improvements in building systems to meet the future uses, including adding air conditioning to structures that were not intended to accommodate it.  A feasibility study determined that a new ground-source heat pump system would be a sustainable and cost effective solution.  The final design broke the building up into ten zones with a dedicated ground-source heat pump serving each zone.  The loop field, located in the very tight courtyard, was designed around four, 500 foot deep Rygan loops with sufficient capacity for all heat pumps. 


  • Partial Renovation Completed and Installed System Operational Including:
    • Ground-source heat pump based HVAC system in one out of ten zones
    • One-half of the ground loop heat exchanger installed
    • Additional systems added upon additional project funding
    • Additional ground loop capacity added when sufficient system capacity added to warrant expansion